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We manage your IT so you don't have to!

Much more than a traditional help desk, IT Help and Support Desk services provide our customers with professional and immediate support without the costly overhead. Our help desk is fully-staffed by certified U.S.-based IT professionals who are available via phone, email, Skype IM Chat, or our secure web portal. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Big Help Desk IT Services offers Managed IT Services, IT Security, Cloud Computing, Data Recovery, Network Management, Network Support, Server Support, PC support, IT consulting and custom application development. We also offer enterprise security solutions through our partnerships with major security software and hardware companies.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service in the IT industry in Houston and to build strong customer relationships while doing so. We also strive to save our customers money in the long run through our expertise in cost savings. Our customers are viewed as partners, we realize that they are our path to growth.


Leverage our partnerships and experience with the largest technology companies in the Houston area and around the world!  BIG HELP desk is incredibly helpful in meeting all your IT needs.  If you want an IT service that is committed to your company's best interest you found it!


Our Services


Remote IT Support

We work with high paced, small, medium, and large production businesses and it’s important that there is little downtime in the event of computer issues or data loss. Our team is equipped with the experience and knowledge to investigate and quickly provide solutions for your company. We provide remote assistance and deploy in-office personnel when needed.

We provide support and assistance for all computer issues, including: computer software and hardware problems, data backup, data recovery, disaster recovery, slow computer issues, computer viruses, computer security investigation and resolution, HIPAA privacy, and more.

Please call our team with any questions at (832) 930-7165.


Why Outsource your IT?

Computer networks with hardware, software, data and telecommunications are complex and ever changing.  Outsourcing IT to a full service IT firm offers several advantages.

  • Control Operating Costs: Salaries, health insurance, employment taxes, training, vacation and sick days. It all adds up – let alone the cost of management oversight. Outsourcing your technology support eliminates these costs.

  • Gain Expertise: One person can’t know it all. Deepen your base with ongoing access to the collective knowledge and experience of a team of IT professionals.

  • Manage Risk: Single-entity protection of your valuable infrastructure is an expensive proposition. You can’t afford to corners when one IT failure could spell disaster for your business. Outsourcing IT to a provider that has state-of-the art technology and uses industry best practices ensures your business continuity while leveraging your investment.

  • Free up Resources: Growth is limited by two things – people and capital. Outsourcing technology actually frees up both resources so you can expand your business, improve your product and/or services, increase your marketing or simply reduce your personnel costs.

  • Increase Productivity: An outsourced IT company earns your business every day when it is proactive and reactive in the management and maintenance of your IT systems. This significantly reduces the risk of system-failure and downtime. Ultimately, it keeps your entire business environment – from staff to processes – functioning smoothly.

  • Re-focus Company Priority: You know what business you’re in, and it’s not IT. Give yourself room to refocus on your core competencies while allowing an IT company to do what it does best, manage technology. Restructuring your IT puts everyone to best use, improving costs, quality, service, and employee attitudes.


We provide everything you need to be Successful!