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Network and Help Desk Support

Regardless if you already have an internal IT team, a company you call when your technology breaks, or a designated staff member who  handles IT in their spare time, we work with a combination of organizational structures and have the right solution for your business.


Network Managed Services

With our predictable all-inclusive monthly pricing, maintaining and monitoring your network is completely our responsibility.  Our proactive approach to IT will guarantee that your network is running smoothly.  Reduce cost while gaining access to a team of trained engineers who do nothing but ensure your business is protected and efficient.  Stop waiting for your technology to fail before you address potential issues.  We operate exactly like how your own internal IT department would operate except you receive all the benefits without having to manage it on your own.  That way, you can focus on growing and impacting your business in ways only you can!

Help Desk Support

Big Help Desk actively maintains and monitors your network and devices.  With our all-inclusive pricing, all labor is completely covered.  From setting up new devices for new employees all the way to preparing your technology for a move, it's all included.  Our team will even come back out to your new location to properly set up your technology after your move.



Business Continuity

Protect your business by implementing a business continuity strategy that puts the necessary plan and technology in place to reduce downtime in the event a disaster strikes.  Are your servers backed up?  Is all your data stored on-site?  Could your business weather a major equipment failure caused by a hard drive crash, flood, lightning strike, or even theft?   Does all that equate to loss of revenue and productivity?

Our team of experts create detailed and appropriate strategy as well as conduct a risk assessment so that your employees can being working as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.