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BIG Help Desk Security Analyzer

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Over 50% of cyber attacks are carried out by insiders. How are you going to protect yourself?


Why use Big Help Desk Security Analyzer?

We specialize in providing insight into the activities and behaviors of users: employees, contractors, and those who seek to steal their credentials and proprietary data. Experience why security-focused industries, from healthcare to oil & gas, trust Big Help Desk Security Analyzer to protect their most sensitive data.


Detect and Respond to Insider Threats

Typical businesses are vulnerable to these attacks because standard security investments fail to detect insider threats. Used every day to create the a record of user actions. Tested and reliable over and again, Big Help Desk is the tool you need for eyes on glass investigations.


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Big Help Desk Security Analyzer creates a system of record of insider activity. Advanced alerts and reports, you gain the ability to detect and prevent data theft. Gain insight into behavioral patterns and deep visibility into activity of privileged users and at-risk employees needed for a powerful data protection strategy.

Investigate Employees

Used every day to create the definitive record of user actions. Tested and proven reliable over and again, Big Help Desk Security Analyzer is the tool you need for eyes on glass investigations.


Solution to Increase Productivity

Collect information on the day-to-day activity within your organization, what are your employee’s spending their time on, and use high-value data to increase the top line and improve the bottom line.



Security Analyzer Features

  • Keyword and keystroke monitoring and alerts

  • Send Remote Commands

  • View clients installed applications

  • Uninstall clients applications

  • Easy deployment through group policy using msi package

  • Logs files written to USB flash drives

  • Logs print jobs to printers

  • Captures screenshots every 15 seconds

  • View client session’s and current status statistics

  • View time when users first logs in for the day

  • View last reboot time of clients computer

  • Backup client computers to Network Attached Storage



System Requirements

  • For silent installations Windows Active directory is required

  • SQLLocalDB 2014 installation (GPO Deployment)

  • 1 Microsoft SQL Database 2012 or higher for logging

  • Clients running Windows 7 / 10 with .net 4.6.1 installed

  • Client computers are joined to a Windows Active Directory Domain

  • Email account for relaying alerts

  • At least 10 Gbs of free space per client computer

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